GLC semiconductor provides the most advanced GaN epitaxial layers deposited on 6 inch Si-wafers for 650V power and RF, Sensors applications.

  • Technology:
    Gallium Nitride (GaN) materials are needed to reach the next levels of performance in power and RF electronics, not possible with Silicon semiconductors.
    GaN based High Electron Mobility Transistor (HEMT) devices have high electron mobility and a wide band gap energy that makes them ideally suited for fast switching and high voltage operation under high temperature conditions. Furthermore, GaN has ten times the breakdown voltage of silicon, so it is naturally suited to high voltage operation required in power applications.
  • The most significant advantages of GaN devices are:
    • Lower ON-resistance
    • Higher breakdown voltages
    • Higher operating temperatures
    • Higher switching frequencies
    • Low RF losses

The effects of GaN Technology

Comparison of GaN/SiC/Si characteristics

Characteristics GaN SiC Si
Band Gap 3.4eV 3.26eV 1.12eV
Relative Permittivity 9.5 9.7 11.9
Breakdown Field Strength 3.5×106V/m 2.7×106V/m 3.0×105V/m
Drift Velocity 2.7×107cm/s 2.2×107cm/s 1.0×107cm/s
Electron Mobility 900cm2/V・s 1000cm2/V・s 1350cm2/V・s
Thermal Conductivity 2W/cm・K 4.9W/cm・K 1.5W/cm・K


Comparison of SiC/GaN Structures

  • Applications:
    • High electron mobility transistor (HEMT) for mmW applications and GaN diode.
    • GaN-on-Si epi for strain, pressure and optical sensing.


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